Jim is the voice of many of Dennis Lehane’s books (The Drop, World Gone By and Live By Night), JR Ward's popular Black Dagger Brotherhood series and her new spinoff Legacy Series, also Spencer Quinn's Chet and Bernie Mysteries, as well several popular new novels by Christine Feehan. Jim has narrated over 200 titles, was selected as one of AudioFile Magazine’s “Best Voices of 2015”, has received numerous Earphones Awards, was nominated for an Audie Award for fiction and was just recently nominated for a Voice Arts Award in the Mystery category for his narration of Scents and Sensibility by Spencer Quinn.  

"A terrific performance makes this more than a simple crime thriller. Narrator Jim Frangione’s third turn interpreting the celebrated, bestselling Dennis Lehane series featuring gangster Joe Coughlin finds the now widowed, now former criminal the target of a hit man." -- Jim interviewed by AudioFile Magazine June/July 2015. Read full interview here.


Sample Sound Clips



By Dennis Lehane:

World Gone By, by Dennis Lehane (2015) (AudioFile Earphones Award, AudioFile Magazine’s Best Voices)
The Drop, by Dennis Lehane (2014)
Live By Night, by Dennis Lehane (2012)

The Chet and Bernie Mysteries, by Spencer Quinn:

Scents and Sensibility (2016) (Voice Arts Award Nomination)
Santa 365 (2015)
Paw & Order (2014)
The Iggy Chronicles (2014)
Tail of Vengeance: A Chet and Bernie Mystery eShort story (2014)
The Sound and the Furry (2013)
A Cat Was Involved: A Chet and Bernie Short Story (2013)
A Fistful of Collars (2012)
The Dog Who Knew Too Much (2011)
To Fetch A Thief (2010) (Audiofile Earphones Award)
Thereby Hangs A Tail (2010)
Dog On It (2009)

The Bowser and Birdie Mysteries, by Spencer Quinn (young adult):

Bow Wow (2017)
ARF (2016)
Woof (2015)

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, by J. R. Ward:

The Chosen (2017)
The Beast (2016)
The King (2015)
The Shadows (2015)
Lover At Last (2013)
Lover Reborn (2012)
Lover Unleashed (2011)
Lover Mine (2010)
Dark Lover (2009)
Lover Avenged (2009)
Lover Eternal (2009)
Lover Awakened (2009)
Lover Revealed (2009)
Lover Unbound (2008)
Lover Enshrined (2008)

Black Dagger Legacy Series, by J. R. Ward:

Blood Vow (2016)
Blood Kiss (2016)

Christine Feehan Books:

Dark Legacy (2017)
Shadow Reaper (2017) 
Dark Carousel (2016) (AudioFile Earphones Award)
Power Game (2016)
Leopard's Fury (2016)
Shadow Rider (2016)

Other Popular Titles:

Past Perfect, by Danielle Steel (2017)
Break the Chains, by Megan E. O'Keefe (2017) 
Inherit the Flame, by Megan E. O'Keefe (2017)
Steal the Sky, by Megan E. O'Keefe (2017)
LBJ, by Doris Kearns Goodwin (2016)
Pretend You're Safe, by Alexandra Ivy (2017)
The Dread Line, by Bruce DeSilva (2016)
Lucy & Desi, by Warren G. Harris (2016) (AudioFile Earphones Award)
Pilgrimage, by Mark Shriver (2016)
The Devil's Trill, by Gerald Elias (2016)
Kill Without Shame, by Alexandra Ivy (2016)
The Empire of Cotton: A Global History, by Sven Beckert (2015)
Christmas Justice, by Robin Perini (2015)
Killers, by Howie Carr (2015)
Blood Assassin, by Alexandra Ivy (2015)
Hunted Warrior, by Lindsey Piper (2015)
Kill Without Mercy, by Alexandra Ivy (2015)
Three War Stories, by David Mamet (2014)
Supreme City: Jazz Age Manhattan & Modern America, by Donald L. Miller (2014)
Serpents in the Cold, by Thomas O’Malley & Douglas Graham Purdy (2014)
Long Mile Home, by Scott Helman & Jenna Rusell (2014)
The Enchanted, by Rene Denfeld (2014) (AudioFile Earphones Award)
Wide Open, by Larry Bjornson (2014)
The Speed of Light Garage, by George Robert Minkoff (2014)
Thinner This Year, by Chris Crowley (2014)
The Texas-Siberia Trail, by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson (2014)
Born In Blood, by Alexandra Ivy (2013)
Undercover Texas, by Robin Perini (2013)  
The Cradle Conspiracy, by Robin Perini (2013)
The Life and Times of Charles Manson, by Jeff Guinn (2013)
A Passion for Nature: The Life of John Muir (2013)
Supervolcano: Things Fall Apart (2013)
Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson, by Jeff Guinn (2013)
The Green Berets, by Robin Moore (2012)
Rotting in the Bangkok Hilton, by T.M. Hoy (2012)
Hollywood Hellraisers, by Robert Sellers (2012)
With Hitler to the End, by Heinz Linge (2012)
Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story, by Jose Baez (2012)
Supervolcano: All Fall Down, by Harry Turtledove (2012)
Supervolcano: Eruption, by Harry Turtledove (2012)
The Covert Wolf, by Bonnie Vanak (2012)
Deep Lie, by Stuart Woods (2012)
The Altar of Bones, by Philip Carter (2011) (AudioFile Earphones Award)
Trust Me, by Peter Leonard (2010)
Happiness, by Will Ferguson (2010)
Devils In Exile, by Chuck Hogan (2010)
Taking Woodstock, by Elliot Tiber (2009)
Shoptimism, by Lee Eisenberg (2009)
Nova Swing, by M. John Harrison (2008)
A Killer’s Kiss, by William Lashner (2008)

Multiple-narrator audiobooks:

Trouble in Mind, The Collected Stories Vol 3., by Jeffery Deaver (2014)
Dangerous Laughter, by Stephen Millhauser (2012) (AudioFile Earphones Award)
Ghosts: Edith Wharton’s Gothic Tales, by Edith Wharton (2011)
Change of Heart, by Jodi Picoult (2009) (Audie Award nomination for fiction)
Let the Great World Spin, by Colum McCann (2010) (AudioFile Earphones Award)

By Lori Foster:

Fighting Dirty (2017)
Wild (2016)
Unexpected (2015)
Tough Love (2015)
Never Too Much (2015)
Murphy’s Law (2015)
Too Much Temptation (2015)
Holding Strong (2015)
Jude’s Law (2014)
No Limits (2014)
Dash of Peril (2014)
Getting Rowdy (2013)
Bare it All (2013)
Run The Risk (2012)
A Perfect Storm (2012)
When You Dare (2011)
Trace of Fever (2011)
Savor the Danger (2011)

Bianca Sommerland’s Dartmouth Cobra’s Series:

Iron Cross (2015
Game Misconduct (2015)
Breakaway (2015)
Delayed Penalty (2015)
Offside (2015)
Defensive Zone (2015)
Blind Pass (2015)